Paid Family Leave update for 2021

On Sept 1st, the New York Department of Financial Services published the new premium rate for Paid Family Leave benefits for the calendar year 2021. T...

COVID-19 Information


Our insurance carrier partners are offering payment accommodations in effords to accomodate the needs of our customers with respect to alter...

Concord's Referral Program

For many years we have sent our customers a Wegman's Gift Card every time they refer a new customer to our agency and we provide them with a quote. We...



My insurance was almost cancelled due to non-payment; I had the charges go straight to my card, and apparently they stopped for some reason. I called Concord Insurance and not only did they call the company to get my coverage re-instated, but also got my fees waived and is getting my automatic payments all set up for me again. This is exactly the stuff that drives me nuts, and exactly the reason that everyone should get their insurance through an independent insurance agency like Concord Insurance. Yay insurance agents!

Cathryn Holzhauer