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I wanted to take a quick moment and recognize the excellent customer service and sales efforts of Jeana. I have been in sales my whole career and I can really appreciate the efforts of a great sales/customer service professional. Having been a long time client of Concord Insurance, I still every now and then kick the tires on my policies. I did this a year ago and made contact with Jeana. She did a lot of research on my behalf and actually came up with some alternatives, which we later found out I could not pursue at that time. But given all of her enthusiasm and efforts I simply stayed with what I had.

I recently paid my Homeowners insurance and my Auto was coming due when out of the blue I get an email from Jeana. She remembered all of my concerns about my current policies and requirements for a path forward. I was not looking as it was not on my list of items to work on given everything else going on today. But Jeana presented a comprehensive solution that not only addressed my concerns of over a year ago, but also provided me a better policy for a decent savings.

Her presentation was concise, clear and well delivered. If I was back in one of my earlier roles as a sales director I would look to hire her! Concord is lucky to have her and I am certainly thankful for her efforts.

Mike W, Fairport NY