Paid Family Leave update for 2021

On Sept 1st, the New York Department of Financial Services published the new premium rate for Paid Family Leave benefits for the calendar year 2021. T...

COVID-19 Information


Our insurance carrier partners are offering payment accommodations in effords to accomodate the needs of our customers with respect to alter...

Concord's Referral Program

For many years we have sent our customers a Wegman's Gift Card every time they refer a new customer to our agency and we provide them with a quote. We...



Our company has trusted Tom Glanton and Concord Insurance as our insurance agent for over 35 years.  The personalized service provided is excellent!  Concord is truly a business partner and a trusted advisor on more than just our insurance needs.  Tom, his partners and his staff go above and beyond to help us with whatever request we have.  It’s nice to know that Concord is one place I can feel confident that I am more than a number.  I highly recommend Concord Insurance for all of your insurance needs.  We trust Concord to insure our business, our home and auto and our life insurance needs.


Robert Murphy | Owner-Macedon Excavating & Paving