Paid Family Leave update for 2021

On Sept 1st, the New York Department of Financial Services published the new premium rate for Paid Family Leave benefits for the calendar year 2021. T...

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Our insurance carrier partners are offering payment accommodations in effords to accomodate the needs of our customers with respect to alter...

Concord's Referral Program

For many years we have sent our customers a Wegman's Gift Card every time they refer a new customer to our agency and we provide them with a quote. We...



The Rohrbach Brewing Co was founded over 20 years ago and many things have changed in 20 years.  One thing that has remain the same is who we partner with to adequacy and affordably insure our businesses.  We have worked with and will continue to work with Sean Kelly, now at Concord Insurance.  Sean and his team not only serve our account once a year at renewal time but all year long to meet our unique insurance needs, which include general business liability, building liability and general coverage, liquor liability and bond coverage.  Sean represents a large number of top rated companies and works diligently to find the best coverage at the most reasonable cost.   My plan is to continue to grow our business well into the future and I feel I can do it with confidence knowing the Sean Kelly and Concord Insurance will be with us every step of the way.


John Urlaub | Owner - Rohrbach Brewing Company - Rochester, New York