For many years we have sent our customers a Wegman's Gift Card every time they refer a new customer to our agency and we provide them with a quote. We've decided to make an exciting improvement to our referral program in 2018. Every time a new customer calls that we provide a quote and they mention your name we will not only send you a Wegman's Gift Card, you will also be entered into a quarterly drawing to win $250!

We love to reward our loyal customers. Thank you for your continued support.

Past Winners:

Quarter 1 2018: Dan Crist

Quarter 2 2018: Mike Kaufmann

Quarter 3 2018: Noreen Locke

Quarter 4 2018: Dennis Dudley

Quarter 1 2019: Teresa Domicello

Quarter 2 2019: Bill Kilpatrick

Quarter 3 2019: Deb Fanning

Quarter 4 2019: Paul Visca

Quarter 1 2020: Dawn Meyvis

Quarter 2 2020: Chris & Kaly Tette